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About Drones Plus

Drones Plus is extremely proud to 1 of 3 authorized DJI support centers as well as the largest drone retailer in all of North America. We specialize in consumer and professional drones, remote control hobby products, and video production. Our extremely friendly staff love to talk drones, whether your new and looking to start off with our $30 Proto-X, a real-estate agent looking for a $1000 out of the box solution for aerial shots of your properties, or a director looking for a $10,000+ setup to film Hollywood movies, we are always here to guide fly you in the right path!

DJI is a global leader in the development of quality and reliable drones for recreation and commercial flight and photography. They are at least 10 times ahead of any other manufacture when it comes to innovation and customer base. They are the Apple of Drones and their products are featured in almost every industry related news segment or article. We choose to carry DJI products because of their ease of use, quality of products, and their constant efforts to engineer a better user experience. As an authorized DJI support center, customers are provided with a huge advantage of purchasing directly from Drones Plus instead of other vendors. We are always here to help and our customer service is off the ground (another pun), just read our yelp reviews!

Our goal is to provide other drone enthusiasts a place to purchase the latest products, receive advice, trade best-practices, and build the foundation for the droning community. When you deal fly with Drones Plus, you can do so with piece of mind knowing your working with the best in the quickly growing drone industry!


Why Drones?

Personal manned & unmanned aerial vehicles such as the DJI line of products allow hobbyists, photographers, real estate agents, news channels, fire fighters, farmers, researchers, innovators, athletes, adventurists, futurists, and RC enthusiasts, and plenty of other people and businesses to get an eye in the sky like never seen before. Getting an early start this brand new technology allows the average Joe a gateway to innovation, and with the ingenuity and creativity of drone pilots, new ideas and applications could be used to transform the way we do business, pursue entertainment, and literally see the world. Drones are the future and are here to stay. They will soon be delivering our mail, fighting our fires, finding missing people, managing (and planting!) our crops, and far far more.


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